Landscape Garden Designer South Devon

A professionally qualified landscape and garden design company in South Devon. We offer a range of affordable design and landscaping services to help you transform your outdoor space into something really special.

Primarily operating in the South Hams, Devon and Cornwall, We offer a fee based detailed 2 hour consultation service for all prospective clients.

Initial Consultation

The first step is a telephone conversation; we just discuss your initial requirements and then arrange a time for us to visit you. The home/site visit is completely free of charge and should take 1 to 2 hrs.

During the visit, we will ask you to explain your ideas; she will listen to your initial thoughts/direction that you would like your garden/outdoor space to take. It’s a very important that we understand your ideas so that we can provide the most appropriate and desirable design. We will look at your outdoor space and how it sits in its immediate surrounds/connects to the property/properties. We'll will ask you what you like or dislike about it, and note your wish list.

We can provide and discuss time-scales, and how fees are calculated. We will have examples of work and technical capabilities, including landscaping material/ plant portfolio; these are invaluable in terms of illustrating things that appeal to you and visualising the required style/look of the new space, ie natural landscaping, romantic planting or a contemporary monoculture look.

The Next Step

After our initial site meeting, We will write to you with a Design Brief & Fee document based upon our initial site meeting. We'll ask for written confirmation of acceptance of the quotation.

The Site Survey – The basis of all design work

Upon commissioning, an accurate survey of the existing garden will be made. This is undertaken either by ourselves, or where required, on complex/larger sites, a land surveyor, of which we can provide recommendations.

The survey is invaluable as it measures and records the property and garden outlines and boundaries, existing features and most importantly, the garden levels. Accurate measurement of these aspects is key to ensuring the most cost effective and spatially balanced and successful garden design. Soil samples, site orientation, climate, access and utilities including Damp Proof Courses are noted. Reference photographs are taken throughout.

The Garden Design Concept

The next meeting we have is a face to face review of the initial design. We will visit you to present her initial design for your space. We review the hand drawn concept design together, considering the initial requirements/wish list and how these have been incorporated into the design. This is a time for you to give feedback and make decisions that will allow ourselves to finalise this design into your finished Garden Design Plan.

Detailed Outline Plan and Supporting Documents

You will be presented with your finished and detailed Outline Plan. The Outline Plan can be supported by a variety of technical documents as required. These include:

Setting out plans – these are detailed plans that allow the Contractor to execute the design exactly, ie being able to lay down and link shapes, the placement of key trees, rills, streams etc. This can be particularly useful in complex designs, formal settings or the creation of curvy linear designs.

Technical specifications – a full build specification for the garden can be produced, detailing the material and construction methods to be used. Specific Construction Drawings can be provided for key elements such as, walls, steps, paving, pergolas or water. The specification gives detailed instruction & information on quality and working methods required, while the construction drawings graphically illustrate exactly how things are to be built.

Project Management

We can also provide a full management of your project if required. From initial site meeting and review of method statements with the selected Contractor, to the setting out of the garden, through to completion; this level of contract monitoring can ensure your project is delivered per its plan, on time and in budget and to the right quality. The costs of these services are agreed before the garden build starts based on a formalised visit schedule.