About Us

We are an award winning professional garden design business in Devon.

We believe in garden design, it is the spatial lay down, material selection and plant selection that will really make any garden space perform at its optimum. we aim to make all my projects feel established on completion. We also try to make sure that your garden is really bespoke as I have a wealth of practical experience at sourcing the unusual.

To help gain trust during the design process we will produce a variety of sketches, all original and bespoke to you, to illustrate how your space will look before you commit to any build.

We have over a decade of practical project management experience and can be hired to assist with all aspects of your garden project, from the tendering process and award of contract, to project monitoring the actual build. When the garden’s complete – We will still be on hand to assist with its final development, its growth and maintenance.

We are approachable, professional, flexible and adaptive to your design brief, needs and budget. We want to help you to realise the potential of your property in a way that is distinctive and innovative but also sympathetic and relevant to your immediate surrounds. We want to create the right space for you and make your decision to employ a garden designer really count.

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