Brown to Bright - Recent Project

Any major project when executed efficiently, will at some stage involve a whole lot of mud! At the start there is the green, the clearance. This is where we get our hands dirty and actually start to rid the space of the existing.

In the case of this garden, the grounds was knitted together with heather, brambles and gorse. The only real option was to clear the site by stripping the first foot of soil off with a digger. That led to the next phase - mud glorious mud. There is normally lots of it, it just explodes in terms of volume as it comes out of the ground, and this is where it is critical that the site is managed to make sure that the soil compaction is limited and that the top soil remains uncontaminated with its life systems preserved – our tip - never ever put a taupe over the soil pile!

Finally and thankfully we end up with the bright stage - the gleam of a new patio, a drive and a lawn, but the best bit for me is always the plants - they are the icing on the cake and should offer splashes of seasonality for you to enjoy.