Garden Design Prices

We always run through a pre-tender estimate with our client. This allows us to confidently assure the client that their garden will meet the specification required at the price they are prepared to spend. There are no surprises. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke gardens that represent value for money and always improve the property's value and resale appeal.

The pre tender costing allows for any modifications to the design to be made before the contract is let. Examples of design modification might be:

  • A smaller paved area
  • The use of less garden lighting (more cost effective fixtures)
  • A switch between paving products or a different type of raised bed

A designer should have the experience to know how to drive costs down without compromising a super garden design.

Garden Design Quotation

This costing process is applied to all of our designs from a tiny courtyard to a 5 acre garden build. The process is a fundamental step to ensuring our clients get the best product and finish appropriate to their budget. It also takes a lot of stress out of a garden build.