A Garden Designer can save you money

Employing a Garden Designer can be a big undertaking and we think it is worth outlining the reasons why a good designer will more than earn their keep.

1. The designer is independent.

The Garden Designer should be able to focus solely on delivering a garden to suit your requirements with no hidden agenda, ie excessive hard landscaping to make more money. The example I would use is a patio area - the client needs to seat 6/8 people – so why scope a huge patio? If the budget’s tight, this is where your designer should come into their own; suggesting different materials, changing the size/shape of the patio, possibly the mixing of materials, all to make that significant spend go further.

2. A professionally trained garden designer is a specialist - that means the best products and the best prices.

If you employ a professional and well trained designer, they should be at the top of their game in terms of using innovative products; they will be able to steer you through the ubiquitous materials that I constantly see being put into high value plots around the Devon coastal villages, especially Salcombe. They will be able to produce things that you might never heard off, all more suitable and offering a high end product that gives real pleasure. So if you want to avoid getting a pier like softwood deck or a set of car park street lights as garden lighting, a designer may be able to help.

3. From the inside out?

A good designer should design a client’s space from the inside out – this works particularly well when the Garden Designer is brought into the project at the initial design and build stage.  An extension/property build will create an inevitable mess and in the early stages of development, the Garden Designer is well placed to design the new garden in tandem with your build team; they should be able to work with the spoil, the level changes, the drainage and electrics, and even if you are not ready to complete the garden project, a small bit of garden consultancy can save you significant heart ache and money.

On a recent consultancy job in South Devon, we were able to recommend that the build team place ducting under the patio (in construction) that the electrics were enhanced to create the opportunity to install lower garden lighting and electrics for a summerhouse at a later stage. Significant savings were also made by hard landscaping product recommendations and suggested supplier. All of which created a much larger cost saving for the client than the Design Consultancy fee, while enhancing the garden and its current planned development.

If you would like to find out about any of the services a professional Garden Designer can provide, we would be delighted to show any prospective client some working examples during a free garden design consultation.