Vertical Garden Walls

With a view to new privacy screening, we decided to approach the subject of using a new vertical wall system instead of the more traditional screening provided by planting and hard landscaping.

What does a Vertical Wall Planting System look like?

There are lots of vertical gardening systems out there and a great one is provided by Scotscape.

Five Places To Use a Vertical Plant Wall

  1. A vertical wall stuffed full of frothy shade loving plants with splashes of colour to light up and disguise difficult areas along a house’s boundaries.
  2. A living wall system could look fabulous in a boutique hotel as a centre piece in the foyer or perhaps a backdrop to a dining area.
  3. A beautiful coastal balcony garden with salt tolerant plantings of sedums and Sempervivums.
  4. To make areas to enjoy gardening for those with access problems. The system can be placed to stop bending or suit chair access.
  5. To create a living wall perhaps for a pre-school or school space, or possible to plant to focus on creating a wildlife or bee friendly garden with a froth of seasonal colour and interest.

Whatever the use/placement of the wall it should earn its keep 12 months of the year and its planting should be sequential and seasonal to create a real interest, it can even include spring bulbs.

Imagine, sipping a glass of wine looking at a beautiful piece of planting art and enjoying the butterflies your new wall attracts.