Design Process

Taking the Brief

A very important initial meeting where we discuss your requirements. Listening to your ideas and thoughts will be invaluable in creating the most appropriate and desirable design.

Survey Analysis

Depending on the site, a survey may be necessary to acquire accurate data that will ultimately provide the foundations for all further works. A simple viewing of the proposed site will determine which level of survey you require.

Initial / Concept Plan

Next we meet for the exciting task of reviewing the initial design. At this time we explore the initial concept together, providing an opportunity for you to give feedback and add your ideas. From decisions made at this point I am able proceed to finalising the design.

Detailed Outline Plan

Here we deliver the accurate plan of the final approved design that equips all parties involved with precise details of your new garden.

Planting Plans

Another detailed plan of carefully selected plants based on your tastes that will be chosen to work hard, look beautiful and provide useful structure.

Construction Process

An attentive process that I provide to obtain the services of a tried and tested construction team. The detailed outline plan along with a 'Scope of works' document will provide the landscapers with accurate information to be able to quote in a comparable manner.

Other Services

Construction drawings: To support the contractors during the build process.

Monitoring: Once the implementation has started, you may require this service to make sure all work is being carried out on time, within budget and to the desired quality.

Maintenance schedule: This can be a very useful aftercare package that keeps you fully informed of all your new plants and their various seasonal growth behaviour patterns.

Setting out drawings: These drawings can be a valuable asset to landscapers when accurately planning and costing out all construction elements.​

Full colour illustrations: Visualising the new plans giving you a dynamic perspective on your new garden space.