Free Consultation

We realise it can be a big step to hire a Garden Designer and that is why we offer a 2 hour detailed consultation service which has proved popular for those clients who needed immediate solutions and guidance. As a paid service, it allows us to focus my skills on giving genuine and useful advice and allowing clients to either feel confident to start their own garden transformations, or indeed be fully appraised and confident about why they want to hire us and which of our services they need.

The detailed consultation will start with a viewing of your outdoor space. Our garden consultant will ask you to outline your ideas. We will then start to take a view on the direction that your garden space could take. At the consultation, We'll guide you through the range of design services and will also give you an indicative range of costs for your project.

Hiring us should save you money. We will take your brief – work with your ideas and budget and use our skills to make sure that you get a much better spread of cost over your project.

At the end of the detailed consultancy, we will be able to establish if any further design services are required. We'll then write to you with a formal proposal for subsequent work which details associated fees. Any subsequent commissions are reduced by the fee paid for the detailed consultation..