Garden Consultancy

Our Garden Consultancy Day starts with a site meeting with you, then 3 to 4 hours of on-site consultancy services, which may focus on:

  • Dealing with awkward slopes.
  • Design and plants for coastal regions.
  • Taking a client design and suggesting some improvements.
  • Maximising the garden's potential in the For Sale Market.
  • Developing family friendly spaces.
  • Specialist planting for difficult situations.
  • Creating a living roof.
  • Planning for a garden wedding.
  • Plant coaching and propagation.
  • Assistance in getting the best value for money for your garden project.
  • Developing a cutting garden/veg area.
  • Best garden to attract a holiday rental yield with low maintenance.
  • Introducing and creating willow structures in the garden.
  • Consultation for schools to develop their outdoor spaces.

A follow up report

After the visit you will receive a detailed written report as a reference document to support all aspects of the face to face meeting which will allow you to move your outdoor space forward.

All consultancy charges are based on time spent on site including travelling time.