Plant Sourcing & Installation

We offer an efficient, friendly and extremely cost effective plant sourcing service. Sourcing an extensive range of plants from the smallest alpine to the most spectacular mature specimen tree.

I supply top quality stock, which includes choice plants that may not be readily available through retail and internet sources. That's because I source through an extensive network of specialist plant suppliers. Primarily, the focus is on trying to source regionally to support local growers and green ethics, however, I can and do source from Europe when an extra special mature specimen/pieces of topiary/pleached trees are required.  All the stock is personally vetted.

The Plant Sourcing Service allows you to make very attractive cost savings, to be able to relax and enjoy the experience of purchasing your garden stock. It stops any confusion about plant variety, size or shape, and will negate the need to spend hours searching the internet or making numerous trips to different nurseries.

Basically, I supply personally selected plants with great shape and of real quality with no hidden delivery charges – while saving you money. The cost saving can be significant and a great help in terms of spreading your garden budget further.

Installation Service

An installation service is offered which can include checking plant deliveries at arrival, making sure all beds are prepared adequately, to setting out plants in their correct places, the actual planting and final bed mulch.