Producing the Design

Upon receipt of written confirmation from clients to proceed, We will contact you to arrange for your site to be surveyed. This is undertaken either by ourselves, or where required on complex/larger sites, a land surveyor, of whom we can provide recommendations.

The Survey

The Survey is invaluable as it measures and records your property and its boundaries; it captures your garden’s existing features and most importantly, the levels within the garden. Soil samples, site orientation, climate, access and utilities including Damp Proof Courses are noted. Reference photographs are taken throughout. Capture of these elements is essential to allow me to create the most cost effective, spatially balanced and successful garden design for you.

Devon Garden Designer Bespoke Plan

The Design

Your design will now be worked up into a concept stage, we will then visit you and ask you to review the concept design. Together we look back at your initial requirements to make sure the concept design meets your expectations. This is a time for you to give feedback and make decisions that will allow us to finalise your design. It's a really enjoyable process - a confidence builder and is a very collaborative meeting.

The Detailed Outline Plan

After the Concept Meeting, the Detailed Outline Plan will be worked up. All Plans are hand drawn and beautifully detailed. Once complete, we will present you with your finished Outline Plan. At this stage you may wish to commission further garden design services.