Taming a South Hams Garden

In this coastal village, the garden was very rundown and disused. It was also on a very steep plot. We needed to turn it into a family friendly garden, with usable spaces. The garden would be developed over the next few years. All spaces needed to be levelled as a priority and the site made family friendly for small children. The garden had been subject to years of neglect, it was awash with deep rooted ivy, brambles, nettles etc.

All the existing planting had grown in to deformed clumps of shrubbery. There were numerous dated structures on the property and a series of walls and fences that had started to fall down.

The first stage of garden development was the clearance. Due to the deep rooted nature of the weeds, a digger was used to quickly clear the undergrowth. The site needed to be levelled as a priority and made family friendly for small children.

Fencing was then installed, a hit and hit system was used to allow for light and wind filtration. This fence will be lost over the new few years due to scented climber subsequent plantings. The old lawned terrace was extended and levelled and a row of pleached hornbeam installed to again screen the wind and provide privacy. All the planting was selected providing lots of seasonal interest and sympathetic to the windy conditions. The old stone walls were cleared off and the area left free to allow for a football goalpost.

A second new terrace was created - this will be modelled at a later date.